"A very nice and touching + funny movie ever "

Apes's chef particle exam today....Tracy , Bobo, Me and Tracy's Friend are going to be the guinea pigs...Pity...haha but the foods are tasty also....Starting with the appetizer, soup, and the main course and end with desserts....start on 5.30 till 8.00...And Bobo & I two person keep crazy and laugh loud in the dinning floor ~ O gosh... Dunno how the Apes's result ? Good Luck ! We meet lot of secondary schoolmate to there...All are change too ^^

Birthday Party @ Putrajaya. Wallace Birthday eve, we go to Putrajaya and celebrate his 21 years old birthday ~ wuhuuuu...We bring him to there using an eyes mask to cover his eyes on the journey to Putra J...
From Cheras to Putrajaya just around an hours ~ But he is dunno where we want to going in the car and keep ask where you all wanna bring me go ? Sell me ? Hahaha....When arrive there we start to find out the "Jambatan Seri Wawasan" and celebrate there too ! Prepare all the balloon, firework, candle, cake and the hand writing card...Finally call him out from the car and bring him to the position we set and let him take off the eyes cover...Huuuuu....He is going to cry rdy ~ So so surprise and touching...Hahaha....I hope my birthday also going to that style to...12.00am - 4.00am .The next day after class we bring him to shopping and watch movie "Toy Story 3" in Berjaya Time Square and till 11.30pm go back to home lur ~

~ Bye to 3G and Hello 4G ~
While everyone else was busy trying to keep up with iPhone, there were busy creating amazing new features that make iPhone more powerful, easier to use, and more indispensable than ever. The new iPhone 4. The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone

Link to iPhone

He is Back !!! One of my classmate already stop study who call Monkey !..Haiz..By the way, today he back to school give back the hostel room key to school student service and pay for the balance...Many people keep asking him WHY STOP ?!?! In the Noon around 1.30 he call back and say on the way back to school... And decide go take lunch with us in Time Square BBQ Plaza... Before that, we follow him back his hostel to pack the baggage....And Peggy and I skipped a class of Boring Marketing and take lunch with him....hehe~ Stop skip class start from next week...many chapter cant follow up especially Business Statistic..!

A Sweet and Romantic Movie
Story happen in the City of Verona in Italy
(Home of the star-crossed lover Juliet Capulet of Romeo and Juliet fame)
Love Is Never Come Too Late

Last day of May , 31.2010 . Mayvian Birthday Eve...In the morning like normal go to school. In the evening went to Chermain house to prepare for the NITE PARTY with birthday girl...Midvalley we go and watch movie...Letters to Juliet ~ Nice ! Sweet and suitable watch with lover....^^ Movie start on 8.30 and after movie 10pm++ went to Neway sing K with them until 2.30am midnight..hehe

Early in the morning, wake by Wallance ...but keep sleep till 11am..The go to Yew Lake market to buy the cooking stuff...And start our preparation ... until 3pm we all go sleep again together...LAZY ! and continue again on 5pm, the cooking process is damn funny and rush ... Finally done all the dish before 7...?!?! It is late already...Finish our dinner and move on to the next event “Make Up Party Nite” sound like good ~ Look so EMO and Sexy ~ Play till 3am mid nite and we all back to own home ...so fat the party is over..T.T

Working day wake up on 7.00am...whole day feel damn sleepy in the office... This 3 day total sleeping hours not more then 8 hrs..tomoro need wake for class on 8.00 too...



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