We meet just since January,2 2013. I really happy when we meet and that is a sincere you and me... But the time we meet is not right...I still remember your text,

 "Every morning I'm expecting Ur morning greet. It have become my daily routine. You have walked in my life without notice. I'm glad that I have meet you that day. Thanks god."

And now where is the Morning Greet from you ? And why you walked out from my life ?
From that we meet, I really know that you are the right person that I'm finding... Although I'm hard to believe in relationship. And you giving me the trust, but the end why you take it back ?

Thanks for everything you did to me.. That is meaningful to me.. Much care on me, protect from the thunder, walk along the beach and streets. Travel with me and much more. I still remember that what I promises to you, which now keep in my mind... Some time I will doubt on you, are you sure you love me ? For me definitely a YES from me... When you ask me in the car  I will say a big Yes to you; but when I ask you back, just got the "Time Will Prove It". Ya, time maybe already prove that... I know the answer maybe. ?

Tips in Relationship : Never lie to your partner...


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