A song to u all ~ Mariah Carey, Bye Bye

2009 May 19 (TUE) Early in the morning ~ Our first class lesson "Microeconomic" we are dunno each other from that time ~ First image, all look nice, good and gentle..After one week all people have their own nickname :

Bing Sen - 高佬

Chermain - SaSa

Edric - 爱德黎

Eric - 爱黎

Jack - 琳姐

Jeff - Karipop

Kalvin - Baby Milo

Keat Siang - Pergasus

Kevin - Ah Ming

Laney - 拉妮

Mean Hon - Monkey

Peggy - LC

Pei Ser - "Auntie : "

Rita : TVXQ

Sheau Yoong : Xiao Yong

Steven : Strongest Man

Vincent : Wat

Wai On : Blur

Winson : 酷哥

Yok Hean : Ham Sap Lou

There are very nice and good... Although sometimes will quarrel, that is does not matter...Cause we are Bro and friend right ?!?! May 19, 2009 ~ Aug 12, 2010 . We know each other already one year and three month.. Although that is short but we get much memory and that is worth for us to remember...Go class together, study together, eat Tomyam and sit at lobby crazy together, and sleep together too..."TOGETHER" that a key ~ Hope to meet u all again my bro and sis ! Wish you all have a happy future and good luck! Miss You All !!!! Bye Bye ~ >.<

*Genting Graduation Trip will be update soon...

Finally ~ The school final exam finish ! Wuhu ~ Get the Early and Late Birthday Party ROCK ! Sunday in the noon..Siting the IT examination in 1.15pm till 4.15pm duration 3hrs..But we all leaving the exam hall just around 1hr...And start our birthday dinner ....We go Pyramid buy some stuff and straight to the steamboat restaurant...Im so supprice that i know this dinner is for Peggy Birthday but at the top of that cake written Peggy and Kalvin Birthday..Wow...So happy with that ! Take our dinner until 9pm something only back to home ~ Unfortunately !!!!! My friend Eric's car key is lost !!! OMG !!! Started to find every way even the rubbish ! Dint have ~ then he follow my other friend car back to his home and get the spare key ...Sunway to Rawang ~ That is so so so far ~ Back and return.. Spare key also dint found ! God ! Start from 9pm we wait until 2am midnight ~ Finally that another spare key is found in the house and his brother from Rawang sent the key to him...@.@ 2.45am only reach home ~ Any way in the time we waiting, "THAT IS FUN" hahaha ~

29 July, My birthday eve ~ Chermain, Moon, Wallance and Mayvian already plan the event for the night party ! Im waiting their call... Keep asking them, where you all want to bring me go ? They answer back : SECRET ! okie ~ just follow their plan they set.... Celebrate side of my house swim pool ~ they already prepare a dish in for me to eat...Egg, Fish & Chip, Vegetable.... Delicious ~ After that, they going to my house to play some games....Finally in the game, i found it !!!!! My birthday present !!! A super Big Birthday Card and a Box Present with Billabong Wallet...They stay till 4.30am only get back....Huh...Thanks to you all sweety !

Present 1
Emporio Armani (GA) Toilette

Present 2
Nike Watch & Cute Friendship Bear !


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