Today morning 6.30am already preparing to college..OMG damn sleepy in the class some more got cost accounting exam...GOSH~ Noon attend to the boring Marketing class...keep gossip gossip and gossip in the class..haha..wuuu end of the class 3.00 some thing back to home and take a short nap from 5pm to 10pm then take my supper cause dint take my dinner again...take supper with Chermain group friend...haha quite funny and wont boring la~ I'm also very enjoy you all talking about the Chermain bad thing..huh really funny and happy but got bit tired this few day always late home my dad is starting to control me for going out soon...aisk~ Now excited for the next wednesday to visit SEGi UC again with them and swim ~~~

终于给我等到了...叶问2 真的很好看尤其是武打交手的时候每一拳都很有力...上一集是叶问和日本打仗时期,而这次叶问来到了香港自然就和英国统治时代...整片里最喜欢的一句话 "人虽然有阶级之分可是不应该羞辱他人,必须尊敬" 说的很对~ 很好看,还想在看叻...为了看叶问竟然翘了一堂课半...牺牲啊~

Nearly weather got bit muggy..What idea again ? Sure for swim~ Chermain and her friend Mayvian and Wallace come to my house from Cheras for swim...Lot of fun especially the acting queen... After the that went to take our dinner steamboat with Ah Moon and go Cheras, Taman Connaught Night Market (Pasar Malam). Now only realize to know in her (Chermain) own dictionary just have the one word "CONFIDENCE"...keep telling other she is the most clever and beauty in the world...Erm~ please forgive her...
New Song For You

Echoes of the Rainbow
岁月神偷 主题曲 岁月轻狂

歌名: 岁月轻狂 歌手: 李治廷

期待中的一部电影 叶问2 .... 4月29号上映,希望能在当天看到.应该不可能吧~咳~ 明天就是咯打算不上下午的课和我的超级好好朋友去看...本人决定翘课一天...有廖碧儿饰日本女武士,看她武的怎样,应该会很好看....

甄子丹 饰 叶问
洪金宝 饰 洪震南
黄晓明 饰 叶问徒弟
任达华 饰 周清泉
熊黛林 饰 叶问妻子
樊少王饰 金山找
释小龙 饰 葉問徒弟
林家栋 饰 李釗
廖碧儿 饰 日本女武士

This few years in the press familiar with this kind of word ' Tornado, Flood, Earthquake, Drought, Blizzard, Tsunami, etc..' And now nearly popular in this word Sandstorm in China and Australia before. Look like that movie of 2012 phenomenon is happening in the cycle of Mayan Long Count Calendar. Just in the few months of 2010 already happen of many natural disaster, earthquake is the most. Is it recalling our human the motherearth is getting sick ? Switch on the TV and able to know some where are having natural disaster and how many thousand are death and serious injury, so sad to hear that and it is scary. Dunno which day turn to my country will facing to the disaster...Before this i dint hear any earthquake happen in my country (Malaysia), but start from the last few years already started to hear about it and feel it before..and hope the disaster will stop ever... We need to take care of the earth... Go Green~

描写一家香港人如何面对环境的改变,将光阴比喻为偷走身边很多美好东西变成回忆的小偷。剧情中以一间靠鞋店为生的老板和父亲(任達华饰)及母亲 (吴君如饰) 推销员和两名儿子..大儿子 (李治廷饰) 考研这一家穷人的再二连三的不幸事情生....ZYXWVUTSRQPOMNLKJIHGFEDCBA...看过了就知道我念什么..完~

Who i wanna to be.
What i want to do.
What respond i shout give you.
When i can take a rest.

Nowadays dunno what happen on me, just feeling so tired. Start from last saturday night, a friend asking me how am i nearly.. Answer back Hmm FINE..but in the answer my own self already asking me back that question, are you sure you are fine, Are you sure ? Confuse. The whole next day also thinking about that answer again result still the same ~ Confuse... Until the monday morning i have already make a decision i have never do that before, Go to school on 7.15am and arrive 8.30am in the class..The first student in class than the lecture is asking me why so early. ( OS: Excuse me teacher, you also so early than me arrive to school what. ) After that feeling not well again and a crazy decision coming out "GO BACK HOME" than in the middle class 9.15am go back to home and come back to school again in 12.15 classes... Then now i get the answer " Im FINE and gonna to make my life HAPPY every time as i like ! " Because of the back home journey, i saw some thing happen in the bus with the mum and her son..quite touching...what is that ? That is not important (Secret).
Lee Hyori New Album 2010


: I'm Back
: Love Sign,마이티마우스
: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,Ceejay of Freshboyz
: Feel The Same
: Bring It Back,애프터스쿨 and 포미닛
: Highlight,Bizzy
: 그네,리쌍
: Scandal
: 100 Percent
: Want Me Back
: How Did We Get,대성
: So Cold
: Get 2 Know,Double K
: Memory,Bizzy

今天和朋友去看戏顺便找我要的一本书,可是找不到叻...请问有谁这本书名为..."Advance Calculus (Principles of Mathematical Analysis)" 翻完整个书局都没有啦~ 26号要用到了啦....有谁有吗? 借我或二手给我吧...急须 !!! 谢啦


从去年的某月在面书(Facebook)看到这片子的预告..内容有点像港片的"人肉叉烧包" 但听片名都觉得很恐怖加上恶心,感觉很刺激..终于班上有人买了这套带~在班上很抢手呢...排在最后第二的我只有等咯..果然给我等到了! 买它的主人是名女生她有点自私咯...要我求她,称赞她‘美'才肯借我叻...哈哈哈...的确很好看,其实女主角也可怜,当初我朋友告诉我女主角很可怜...虾米?杀人来煮面这样叫可怜!...原来她是受到家庭的阴影而有这样的癖好~ 故事赞啊! 还没看的去看吧...记得不要一个人看,有些画面真的超超超恶心的~


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