We meet just since January,2 2013. I really happy when we meet and that is a sincere you and me... But the time we meet is not right...I still remember your text,

 "Every morning I'm expecting Ur morning greet. It have become my daily routine. You have walked in my life without notice. I'm glad that I have meet you that day. Thanks god."

And now where is the Morning Greet from you ? And why you walked out from my life ?
From that we meet, I really know that you are the right person that I'm finding... Although I'm hard to believe in relationship. And you giving me the trust, but the end why you take it back ?

Thanks for everything you did to me.. That is meaningful to me.. Much care on me, protect from the thunder, walk along the beach and streets. Travel with me and much more. I still remember that what I promises to you, which now keep in my mind... Some time I will doubt on you, are you sure you love me ? For me definitely a YES from me... When you ask me in the car  I will say a big Yes to you; but when I ask you back, just got the "Time Will Prove It". Ya, time maybe already prove that... I know the answer maybe. ?

Tips in Relationship : Never lie to your partner...

Woot ! Haagen-Dazs make my day !! Friday evening after work ! Recharge my self and planning to have my dinner with ice cream ^^ KLCC Haagen-Dazs outlet with my bank colleagues, Kuan Yee & Leo..Have fun with them although their action are insane..=P We keep flipping the menu and no idea which flavour should  we have..
Finally that 3 scoop for us and topping and I registered as member with no expired date card given !! 

Haagen-Dazs KLCC

21 HD flavour up to you 

Kuan Yee's hand !!!

This is Leo HD 

And this is mine with waffle =)

The member card and two small discount card with no expired date

Early in the Wednesday morning, the day of Malaysia's 14th King Crowned so holiday for Malaysian !! Date my aunt adventure in the jungle =)... Located in Shah Alam Taman Pertanian... Weather condition on that day is wet..Rain in the morning and we start leave from house 10am and be there 11am, feel nice after the rain, in the jungle is wet but refreshing..This is my third time and we are going to the Extreme Challenge..The boasts have 31 extreme challenges and some platforms reaching the height of around 28 meters need finish the mission in 3 hours... After that 3 hours i still SURVIVE ! +)

Rain in the morning from my house ~
Heading to Shah Alam entering the LDP Highway Toll

Flying Fox 26 meter height 

Moving to the next level 

Sky -crawl

My damaged glove

My hand peeling

I bought a lot of Haagen-Dazs...Any one want ~ Holiday today...went to KLCC in the morning and The Curve again.. Work out at Fitness First @ Avenue K..after that take a bath and shop in KLCC..Take my breakfast in Suria ~ Huh that damn expensive..But got boss there dont worry =)... After KLCC my mum say back to The Curve again..She want to go Cold Storage to buy some and cook for dinner ~ I know that my house's HD almost finish..I bought 4 Cups of that..but im looking for the Blueberry Crumble Limited Edition ~ ARGH Dint have !!! Lastly found that Green Tea ~ yeah I love Green Tea ~ After that go to Kluang Station for lunch...Hmm that Hainam Chicken chop is nice !! I like It !! Haiz tomorrow will b back to work again @.@ my three days holiday gone ~

The first of MAY =) ...I love that and tomorrow will be the replacement of the labour day holiday wuhuu... Waked in the morning 8 am and jog with my dad at Lake Garden... I love the weather .... Sunny Sunday =) That we joged around 2 hours there.... Nice view and get fresh air...RELAXXX....When home, my Mum say that wanna buy some decoration and gardening stuff.. IKEA ^^ Heading to The Curve in the noon and Im start planning to buy some stuff for my room too... And surprise that i meet my colleague in IKANO while waiting my Bro ordering his drinks ~ After my mum finish busy with her stuff...That we go to DRAGON-i for late lunch....Deliciousss ^^ That we back to home at 5 pm and went to Mont Kiara for dinner... ENJOYED !!!

Girl Generation is back !!! Look glamorous, dark and shiny...

What a boring Saturday ~ Stay in the house keep face to PC do nothing and keep scratching... Huh saw advert from McD.. Dial up and call for my MD Lunch =) .... Just that two burger ordered that stupid idea from my bro ~ After that went to Curve for shop but buy nothing with brother ..SPEECHLESS ~

OMG That damn serious painful and itchy !!! Allergic with something that i haven be like that before.. Continuous visit doctor in two days and get twice injections to lessen my ITCHY .. F*** That still not yet recover yet now... No Seafood for one month..


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