This few years in the press familiar with this kind of word ' Tornado, Flood, Earthquake, Drought, Blizzard, Tsunami, etc..' And now nearly popular in this word Sandstorm in China and Australia before. Look like that movie of 2012 phenomenon is happening in the cycle of Mayan Long Count Calendar. Just in the few months of 2010 already happen of many natural disaster, earthquake is the most. Is it recalling our human the motherearth is getting sick ? Switch on the TV and able to know some where are having natural disaster and how many thousand are death and serious injury, so sad to hear that and it is scary. Dunno which day turn to my country will facing to the disaster...Before this i dint hear any earthquake happen in my country (Malaysia), but start from the last few years already started to hear about it and feel it before..and hope the disaster will stop ever... We need to take care of the earth... Go Green~

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