Who i wanna to be.
What i want to do.
What respond i shout give you.
When i can take a rest.

Nowadays dunno what happen on me, just feeling so tired. Start from last saturday night, a friend asking me how am i nearly.. Answer back Hmm FINE..but in the answer my own self already asking me back that question, are you sure you are fine, Are you sure ? Confuse. The whole next day also thinking about that answer again result still the same ~ Confuse... Until the monday morning i have already make a decision i have never do that before, Go to school on 7.15am and arrive 8.30am in the class..The first student in class than the lecture is asking me why so early. ( OS: Excuse me teacher, you also so early than me arrive to school what. ) After that feeling not well again and a crazy decision coming out "GO BACK HOME" than in the middle class 9.15am go back to home and come back to school again in 12.15 classes... Then now i get the answer " Im FINE and gonna to make my life HAPPY every time as i like ! " Because of the back home journey, i saw some thing happen in the bus with the mum and her son..quite touching...what is that ? That is not important (Secret).

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