Wow …Funny day ~ In the noon plan to school ask some information for the next level course in SEGi UC…Leave 12pm something from my house and arrive in half hours…wow SEGi UC decoration look like Rome feel …nice.

After finish our course query, our planning actually is go to my house for swim BUT !!! Wallance car break down front of the SEGi main enters and the weather damn hot ! No idea, just call his father’s foreman for help…We wait him in Secret Recipe and keep order drinks and cakes…Tasty !!

We stay about 2 or three hours to waiting the foreman come !!! and it is started to heavy rain ..OMG …Finally he already arrive and change a box car battery and we continue our journey…To my house..Before swim, that Chermain wanna take some dessert so, we go to sweet brother again~ Curry Fish Ball 2 bowls please~ hahaha…Tasty !!!

Finish our dessert then we start to swim lurrr~~

I'm so tired ..Good Night


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