The first of MAY =) ...I love that and tomorrow will be the replacement of the labour day holiday wuhuu... Waked in the morning 8 am and jog with my dad at Lake Garden... I love the weather .... Sunny Sunday =) That we joged around 2 hours there.... Nice view and get fresh air...RELAXXX....When home, my Mum say that wanna buy some decoration and gardening stuff.. IKEA ^^ Heading to The Curve in the noon and Im start planning to buy some stuff for my room too... And surprise that i meet my colleague in IKANO while waiting my Bro ordering his drinks ~ After my mum finish busy with her stuff...That we go to DRAGON-i for late lunch....Deliciousss ^^ That we back to home at 5 pm and went to Mont Kiara for dinner... ENJOYED !!!


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