Early in the Wednesday morning, the day of Malaysia's 14th King Crowned so holiday for Malaysian !! Date my aunt adventure in the jungle =)... Located in Shah Alam Taman Pertanian... Weather condition on that day is wet..Rain in the morning and we start leave from house 10am and be there 11am, feel nice after the rain, in the jungle is wet but refreshing..This is my third time and we are going to the Extreme Challenge..The boasts have 31 extreme challenges and some platforms reaching the height of around 28 meters need finish the mission in 3 hours... After that 3 hours i still SURVIVE ! +)

Rain in the morning from my house ~
Heading to Shah Alam entering the LDP Highway Toll

Flying Fox 26 meter height 

Moving to the next level 

Sky -crawl

My damaged glove

My hand peeling

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