In the early morning rdy wake up and prepare to college..Damn sleepy. Planning take the bus go but time is really too early then change the way to college by KTM...Huu many ppl in the station, train delay again and again ..HATE.. Lastly reach school on time ^^.... During break time going to take breakfast... Peggy me planning to tease my friend..zzz Supposed to scare my friend Chermain, but threatened the wrong person that i do not know her...and she scream front on me too..Very sorry about that..and Im very awkward ...@@

In the noon, we go to Time Square to buy me a shirt and the two girl ..go to many shop, browse many shirt all not suitable for me...last went to KITSCHEN try on many shirt with them...but just PEG and me are going to buy...after that hang out in OWN TOWN, 4pm some thing only back to home....NICE DAY ~ !


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