A song to u all ~ Mariah Carey, Bye Bye

2009 May 19 (TUE) Early in the morning ~ Our first class lesson "Microeconomic" we are dunno each other from that time ~ First image, all look nice, good and gentle..After one week all people have their own nickname :

Bing Sen - 高佬

Chermain - SaSa

Edric - 爱德黎

Eric - 爱黎

Jack - 琳姐

Jeff - Karipop

Kalvin - Baby Milo

Keat Siang - Pergasus

Kevin - Ah Ming

Laney - 拉妮

Mean Hon - Monkey

Peggy - LC

Pei Ser - "Auntie : "

Rita : TVXQ

Sheau Yoong : Xiao Yong

Steven : Strongest Man

Vincent : Wat

Wai On : Blur

Winson : 酷哥

Yok Hean : Ham Sap Lou

There are very nice and good... Although sometimes will quarrel, that is does not matter...Cause we are Bro and friend right ?!?! May 19, 2009 ~ Aug 12, 2010 . We know each other already one year and three month.. Although that is short but we get much memory and that is worth for us to remember...Go class together, study together, eat Tomyam and sit at lobby crazy together, and sleep together too..."TOGETHER" that a key ~ Hope to meet u all again my bro and sis ! Wish you all have a happy future and good luck! Miss You All !!!! Bye Bye ~ >.<

*Genting Graduation Trip will be update soon...


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