Finally ~ The school final exam finish ! Wuhu ~ Get the Early and Late Birthday Party ROCK ! Sunday in the noon..Siting the IT examination in 1.15pm till 4.15pm duration 3hrs..But we all leaving the exam hall just around 1hr...And start our birthday dinner ....We go Pyramid buy some stuff and straight to the steamboat restaurant...Im so supprice that i know this dinner is for Peggy Birthday but at the top of that cake written Peggy and Kalvin Birthday..Wow...So happy with that ! Take our dinner until 9pm something only back to home ~ Unfortunately !!!!! My friend Eric's car key is lost !!! OMG !!! Started to find every way even the rubbish ! Dint have ~ then he follow my other friend car back to his home and get the spare key ...Sunway to Rawang ~ That is so so so far ~ Back and return.. Spare key also dint found ! God ! Start from 9pm we wait until 2am midnight ~ Finally that another spare key is found in the house and his brother from Rawang sent the key to him...@.@ 2.45am only reach home ~ Any way in the time we waiting, "THAT IS FUN" hahaha ~


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