29 July, My birthday eve ~ Chermain, Moon, Wallance and Mayvian already plan the event for the night party ! Im waiting their call... Keep asking them, where you all want to bring me go ? They answer back : SECRET ! okie ~ just follow their plan they set.... Celebrate side of my house swim pool ~ they already prepare a dish in for me to eat...Egg, Fish & Chip, Vegetable.... Delicious ~ After that, they going to my house to play some games....Finally in the game, i found it !!!!! My birthday present !!! A super Big Birthday Card and a Box Present with Billabong Wallet...They stay till 4.30am only get back....Huh...Thanks to you all sweety !

Present 1
Emporio Armani (GA) Toilette

Present 2
Nike Watch & Cute Friendship Bear !


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